There are generally three questions our Durham locksmiths want business owners and employees to consider, especially those operating in retail markets or the hotel or motel industry. When it comes to your safety and the safety of those around you, those questions are: who has access to your business? What exactly do they have access to? And why do they have access to those things? If you are in business now and you can’t quite recall the answer to all three of these questions for all of your employees, and it is nowhere on record, and some of your personal items have gone missing – pick up the phone and contact Durham locksmiths from A1 Lock & Safe.

Our skilled and friendly team of professionals can help you feel that you have restored some of your safety by rekeying your locks, replacing your keys, and duplicating keys that you have already.

Our Durham Locksmiths Ask These Questions, Because We Have Seen Way Too Many Versions of the Same Case.

Who Has Access to Your Business: there are popular television shows about co-workers stealing from their bosses, or of retail stores getting robbed. By knowing who has access to your property, you can narrow down anyone that steals from the inside.

What Do They Have Access to: holiday cards? Your bank account information? Really think about where those duplicate keys of yours could lead your employees to if they really wanted to go looking.

Why Do They Access to Your Business: if you cannot answer why the maid who only comes into your hotel once a week has a key to your office, safe, and every room in your hotel on floor 3,6,9,8,14, and 12 – then you likely have a problem.

Durham locksmiths can help you keep your business on lock down. Rekey and duplicate your business keys with A1 Lock and Safe Today!