Safes are necessary in a home to protect your valuables. Knowing which residential safe is right for you is important. At A1 Lock and Safe, we can help with all your safe needs.

There are four main types of safes for a home, depending on what you need to store. 

Simple Fire Resistant Safes

If you only want to protect important documents at home, like a will, automobile titles, etc. that are very important to you, but would be of little use to a burglar, you might only need a simple fire safe. 

Burglary Safes (Burglar Fire Safes)

A burglary safe is more secure than the simple fire safe. They are heavier, and in the “safe world” heavy almost always equates to “more secure”. Steel is heavy and well built safes are made of steel! Burglary safes are usually concealed in some manner. The three main burglary type home safes are the stand alone safe, wall safe and the floor safe. Most of these safes are fireproof, not just fire resistant. It’s always good practice to check the fire rating before buying.

Standalone Home Safe

This type is heavy and usually made of steel. It can be fireproof and can be fitted with a wide array of locking devices, from key lock, to combination lock, and even all types of fancy electronic locks. They generally can be mounted to the floor or another surface but generally are just free standing.

Wall Safes

This is a very popular way to hide important documents and other valuables in the home. People employ this type of safe to conceal their valuables inconspicuously out of site.

Floor Safes

This type can actually be imbedded into a concrete floor. This makes them very immune to removal. The only down side to embedding it in the floor is that it can, over time, succumb to rust, because of how it is installed. 

Gun Safes

These come in various sizes, strength of security, fire resistance and price ranges. A gun safe is most often necessary to keep your weapons out of the hands of children.

These options guarantee you peace of mind about the security of your property. Contact us today to get started! A1 Lock and Safe can help you protect your business. When you’re ready to buy a storefront lock from a professional, let us know. We want you to feel safe and sound at home!