Are you looking to install a home security system? Whether you’re a first time buyer or you’re looking to upgrade your old home security system, you might be wondering how much this installation will cost you. It really depends on several factors.

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The national average cost to install a security system is between $280 and $1,090. So while that old adage about not being able to put a price tag on peace of mind is sometimes true, it doesn’t really apply when shopping for a security system that fits your needs and budget.

A number of factors could lower or increase how much you pay to protect your family—and you’ve definitely got ongoing subscription fees to consider as well. This guide breaks it all down.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Security System?

$280 to $1,090 is about what you can expect to pay for your new security system. With so much variability, though, knowing what to look for in a security device that protects your family is key.

Any homeowner should also factor in monthly fees or membership costs when budgeting for their new home security system. The initial cost to install your device doesn’t factor in ongoing or recurring subscription charges.

What Security System Can I Get on My Budget?

No matter what you want to spend, there are ways to buy a security system that’s in your budget.

Less Than $100

Basic security features that increase window and door safety, such as purchasing new locks, adding glass break sensors to windows, or putting motion detectors around your garage are all available for under $100.

At this price range, you will likely have to install any security equipment you purchase yourself. For example, quality door locks cost about $80. If you’d prefer to hire someone and pay a little more, see if a local handyman installs locks.

$100 to $600

For under $600, homeowners can choose from a number of popular wireless security systems. These start at around $200, but vary in price and often come with an ongoing subscription fee.

Installing an alarm system on two to three doors ranges between $200 and $600. These systems alert you—and local authorities—if someone enters your home. To save money, consider installing a wireless system over one that’s hardwired.

$600 to $1,000

Hardwired home security systems start at around $800 for parts and installation. As the name implies, these devices run the length of your home on wires and function on a closed-loop system that protects you from tech-savvy criminals.

$1,000 or More

Beyond the $1,000 mark, homeowners can hire someone to install a home security system that fits their home’s needs. Along with camera monitoring and door sensors, additional features such as panic buttons and real-time security monitoring are available.

Large homes that need multiple cameras or high-end safety features like a security gate could push you over the $2,000 mark. The cost to install a security gate is around $1,900, for example.