Commercial Services


Our Chapel Hill and Durham locksmiths provide a wide array of commercial locksmith services, everything from locking commercial foreclosures to providing master keys for hotels and motels. Our technicians also offer re-keying services for properties that have been recently purchased as well as for businesses that have had a change in personnel. We also install door closures to prevent doors from being left open.


Ensure your foreclosed properties are protected with A1 Lock & Safe… ensure your foreclosed properties are protected by re-keying your locks!

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Does your commercial building need a quality security system? Rather than wait for burglars to answer the question for you, reach out to Chapel Hill and Durham locksmiths today! With A1 Lock & Safe you can ensure your building’s security is in tact at all times. Our 24/7 commercial services include a variety of options for your commercial needs! 


If there is a property you own in foreclosure, their technicians can help keep it safe and secure. In cases where families are interested in settling in your property before they move in, you might need a system in place that prevents them from entering without permission. Likewise, in cases where homeless need a place to sleep, you might want a system that keeps them out of your space.


Perhaps your commercial business exists in a larger building. Well, Chapel Hill and Durham Locksmiths also provide commercial assistance for larger entities, such as hotels and motels. This means they have experienced technicians that will install new systems and provide master keys to help you meet the demands of your customers. Big or small, they will come and give you a hand with their locksmith services.

Side note: With properties like commercial buildings, you may want to ensure that no doors are left open–especially if you have customers who are always in and out. Did you know that we can arrange to have your doors shut automatically? That’s right! They can install door closures, which gives you one less task to worry about when you are going about your day.


Changing locks when you purchase a new building or when there is a shift in personnel may not come to mind when you are in the middle of a transition. Our Chapel Hill and Durham Locksmiths want to make sure your property remains your property. So, when there is a change in your building, you might want to change the locks with A1 Lock & Safe’s Durham and Chapel Hill rekeying services.

Which option will you choose? Contact us today!