When should you change your locks? Be sure to ask us this question, and visit A1 Lock and Safe to see how we can help you protect your home. Notably, we sell safes where you can store firearms and your most prized possessions in the event that you are robbed. Thankfully, A1 Lock and Safe specializes in changing locks, making duplicate keys, and more for your safety. If you so much as suspect that someone could break into your home or office because your locks are faulty, let our Durham locksmiths know and we will replace your keys and locks for an affordable price. Contact us today to get started!

One common question most locksmiths receive is when you should change your locks. Strong locks on all your doors are the first point of defense against intruders in your home or business. We all know it is important to lock your doors, but sometimes locks can be compromised. Some situations might require you to change your locks:

  • When you move into a new home: when a home is on the market for sale, usually there’s a lock box on the front door. Any authorized agent can use the code and access the key, such as realtors and home inspectors. Even the old owner may have held onto a copy of the key, whether on purpose or by accident. So it’s best to change your locks as soon as you move in, just because it is impossible to know who might still have a key to get in. Even if you’re buying a newly constructed home, go ahead and change your locks. Better safe than sorry!
  • If your lock is worn out: even if you’ve owned your home for years and you believe no one else has a key, you still might need a new lock. Just like anything else, locks get worn down over time. A rusted lock can be easily picked or broken. If you notice any rust, tarnish, or other signs of wear, go ahead and change your locks.
  • If you’ve experienced a break-in: unfortunately, break-ins do happen. If your building has recently been broken into, go ahead and change your locks! Even if the intruder broke in through a window or another source, they still may have taken or copied a spare key. You might also be more likely for burglary in the future.
  • If your key has been stolen or lost: anyone could gain access to your home if your key has been stolen or if you’ve lost it. This is especially dangerous if you’ve lost other things with it that would help someone identify you or your home, like a wallet, a purse, or even your car.
  • If you’ve just finished a renovation on your home: if you’ve given a key to a contractor, your lock could be compromised. Even if you’ve given your key to someone you trust, they may have let someone else borrow a key who might not have your best interest in mind. Go ahead and change your locks if this is the case!
  • If you’ve just ended a rental agreement: if a new roommate has moved in or out, it’s time to update your locks. There’s no way to tell if someone made a copy of the key.
  • If you’ve just gone through a divorce or a breakup: if a significant other has moved out or if you’ve broken up with someone who has your spare key, it’s time to change your lock. Again, there’s no way to be certain that someone won’t make more copies of your key.
  • If your lock is cheap or inferior: don’t make it easy for intruders! Builder grade locks are not very secure, so play it safe and go ahead and switch out your locks for more secure ones.

Of course, there are more situations when it might be smart to change your locks. If you have any doubts at all, we think it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home, your office building, your loved ones, and/or your prized possessions. At A1 Lock and Safe of North Carolina, we want to make you feel as safe as possible. Contact us today to get started!