There is more to professional Durham locksmiths than you might have guessed. In fact, there are schools of information about professional locksmiths! There is also a nationally recognized locksmith association. So that you do not feel left out, the trusted Durham Locksmiths of A1 Lock & Safe will keep you up to date and informed about the history and the life of being in the locksmith industry. Despite the available information and other than roadside locksmith assistance, most people do not consider what else locksmiths might do. It is understandable, of course! After a locksmith lets you back into your home, office, or vehicle, you typically want nothing more than to drive away in shame and relief. 

In any event, A1 Lock & Safe provides commercial and residential services, and more to assist you 24 hours a day. These services for the Durham locksmiths area include key duplication, rekeying, and master keys. We also provide safes for you to store important documents or objects like guns. If you are locked out of your house or vehicle, their service vans can certainly be of some use to you. Want to learn more about what professional locksmiths do other help you back inside your car or home? Keep reading below for a list of complete services and care they provide. 

What We Do  

According to locksmith professionals of ALOA, a locksmith that is trained and experienced might offer: 

> lock, deadbolts, and other mechanic installations

> lock installation for buildings, homes, offices, vehicles, or foreclosed property 

> modification and repair of lock devices 

> rekeying locks 

> key or card duplication 

> program card and key to new specifications

> fix malfunctioning locks 

> electronic alarm installation and service 

> access control installation systems 

> key maintenance for new lock installation 

> safe boxes and keys service 


Have you recently moved, or discovered that you are in need of lock installation? The Durham Locksmiths of A1 Lock & Safe offers you their extensive services. 

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