You may think our Durham locksmiths are limited to handling emergency vehicle lockouts and similar situations. However, our extensive knowledge of locksmithing goes further than that. Though emergency situations are a lot of what we do, we want to keep you informed about our other services. Mainly, we want to discuss the different kinds of locks and safes we have encountered in different homes and businesses. These, according to the Penn Foster Career School include: door locks, automatic locks, safes and vaults, and panic locks. Let us review these kinds of locks and safes together. Want new locks installed at your home, office, building, or property today? Call A1 Lock & Safe to schedule your locksmithing service! 

Unwrap These Locks with Durham Locksmiths

Door Locks: These are your everyday locks. They secure your apartment, house, hotel, and other properties. There are door locks for all kinds of doors like revolving doors, automatic doors, sliding doors, and others. If you need a change in door locks, A1 Lock & Safe is happy to service you. 

Automatic Locks: These are the locks you can find on your vehicle. Whether it is a car, a van, a hummer – it will likely have automatic locks. These can also be found in homes that have programmable doors and windows. Our Durham locksmiths can help with these, too. 

Safes, Vaults, and Panic Locks: Each of these have similar purposes. You use these locks to keep something safe or secreted. As we have local safe sales, we are experienced in servicing your safes. We additionally help with vaults and panic locks in the event that you are locked in, or locked out. 

To learn more about these locks in person, call or visit A1 Lock & Safe. We will be glad to let you know what locks are best for your home or office, or foreclosed property. Have other needs for Durham locksmiths? The least you can do is ask us!  

Start Unwrapping Your Locks with Durham Locksmiths Today!