Have you ever wondered what kind of training is required to be a locksmith? Chances are you have not, and that is OK. Unless you have been locked out of your vehicle or house or had some other need for Durham locksmiths, what we do may seem irrelevant. Well, in Christmas spirit, our gift to you is your ultimate locksmithing guide. We have gone over the history of locksmithing, but not the knowledge that locksmiths receive long before they arrive to your rescue. Of course, we can not give away all our secrets. There are schools in place for learning our trade. We can, however, let you in on some of the techniques and lessons we learned. 

The Education of Durham Locksmiths Includes How to:

  • Duplicate keys by hand and machine: because you never know when a machine will fail you, it is best to learn the skill of duplicating keys both ways
  • Install, troubleshoot, and service various locks: you also never know what kind of lock a person will have on their car or home, or safe. It is best to be prepared for any of them
  • Open locks without keys: for all individuals who have ever locked themselves out, you know why we learn to be without the key
  • Program an alarm system: safety falls in all categories. If your security system locks you out, call a Durham locksmith to help you get back into your home

A1 Lock & Safe is family owned and operated, which means we are a family of skillful locksmiths who treat our customer’s like family, too. For residential and commercial locksmithing in Durham, NC, we hope you consider our Durham locksmiths. We have car services, rekeying, duplicate keys, safe sales, and more to offer you.  Ask about having your locks fixed for foreclosure properties. We also work with key access for hotels. In any event, let us briefly go over the guide.

Stay Informed with Our Durham Locksmiths at A1 Lock & Safe.