We have given you different tips and general information about contacting and choosing a locksmith, but we have yet to provide you a history of our industry. Take a moment to learn something you may not have known with Durham Locksmiths on Locksmithing. As you likely know, locksmithing is the profession and art of creating and making locks and other hardware related to securing homes, businesses, vehicles, safes, and more. If you need locks made or repaired or you are locked out of your property, choose A1 Lock & Safe today. Otherwise, keep reading for a brief history lesson. 

A History of Locksmithing with Durham Locksmiths

What began as skilled metalworkers shaping metal into locks and keys is now a security shop enterprise. Locksmithing first appeared in Ancient Egypt and Babylon about 4000 years ago.

Can you imagine what locks and keys used to be like then? They were wooden devices used to prevent the movement of door bars. Once inserted into the lock and pushed up, the door would unlock. In the city of Khorsabad, part of an Assyrian Empire, is where these were last seen. We are talking 704 BC. 

Much later, in the 18th Century, Europe adopted locksmithing and created more durable locks and keys. With better designs came industrial mass production. Either one could work as a repairman of locks and duplicate keys, or they could work for large security companies and build safes for appropriate companies like banks. 

Nowadays, there are Durham locksmiths who work from shops like our A1 Lock & Safe shop. We offer a variety of services for your residential or corporate needs. We provide repairs, emergency assistance, safes, and more. As we have been in the locksmithing industry for many years, you can depend on us to get you where you want to be. Call or visit A1 Lock & safe for Durham Locksmiths today.