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As locksmiths, your safety is your top priority. That’s why you should make sure that all of your doors have working locks and that you use them. However, sometimes even with all of the safety precautions, burglaries happen. So, where should you hide your valuable jewelry to keep it safe from thieves?

The master bedroom is usually the first place burglars look for valuable items like jewelry, money, and firearms. So, you definitely don’t want to store your expensive jewelry on or in your dresser, or even in your closet. Instead, hide these items in everyday areas that a burglar would never think to look, such as in a box of feminine hygiene products or where you store your pet’s food.

If you decide to use a safe in the home, hide smaller safes that can easily be taken and transported by burglars. However, don’t hide your safes in obvious places like your bedroom closet. Instead, hide it in your linen closet or a kitchen cabinet. If you do have a safe that is in plain sight, bolt it to the floor to make it difficult for the burglar to take with them.

Another option to store jewelry is with your bank. Banks offer safety deposit boxes for you to store your valuables. However, some people like to keep these items at home with them. So, it’s ultimately up to your own personal preferences.

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