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When it comes to safes, there are a lot of choices out there. Safes vary in size and purpose. For example, if you’re looking to store a firearm, there are safes made especially to keep your firearms safe and out of the hands of little ones or potential burglars. Then, there are also residential and commercial safes. Think about the difference in size, security, and price for a small home safe versus a money safe for a bank.

Before you buy a safe, you’ll probably want to figure out what you want to keep secure. For example, if you are looking for a safe to store important documents like birth certificates and passports, you will want a safe that is both fire and waterproof; also, a safe used for this purpose will be fairly small and easy to transport.

If you want a safe that a thief can’t pick up and walk away with, you will either want to bolt it to your floor or have it installed in wall. Safes with these extra levels of security are usually used to store your valuables like expensive jewelry or cash.

If you are having some sort of event like a bake sale or yard sale, you might want a depository safe to store your cash. These typically are small and easily portable and have a key to keep your cash on hand and safe.

What you want to store in your safe is really up to you. Whether you want to secure expensive items like diamonds or priceless items like old photographs, there is a safe out there perfect for your security needs. For new and used safes, as well as reliable locksmith services, give us a call at A-1 Lock and Safe in Chapel Hill, NC.