A-1 Lock and Safe is one of Durham, NC’s premier locksmiths. We help clients with all of their residential, commercial, and automotive locking needs, 24 hours a day. It’s a good idea to have some spare keys handy in case you forget yours or accidentally lock yourself out. Here are a few ideas about where to hide spare keys and who to give spare keys to:

  • When it comes to spare car keys, it’s helpful to keep an extra in your house, just in case. But what if you lock your house keys AND care keys in your car? There are multiple spare key hiders for your car available on the market. Some are magnetic and can be placed under your car or even behind your license plate.
  • Give a spare car key to your spouse. That way if you are locked out of your car, you can give them a call for help.
  • Give a spare house key to a neighbor your trust. This option is safer than hiding a spare key under your welcome mat. Plus, as an added bonus, they can check in on your house when you’re out of town.
  • CNET suggests that you nail a spare key to a tree in your yard. Not too many potential burglars would ever think to look in a tree for a key.

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