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With constant changes in technology, you may be rethinking the locks you use to protect your home and business. Should you stick with a traditional lock or go with an electronic smart lock? Smart locks are becoming more popular, as they allow quick and easy access and fast re-configuring. 

How smart are smart locks? Some smart locks use a code rather than a smartphone app. Other smart locks use Bluetooth, but those typically can’t be monitored like those that can be monitored through an app.

Worried about replacing your traditional door knobs to integrate smart locks? No need! Many smart locks are installed on the inside of the door, so you only need to replace the interior part of the deadbolt. This means a traditional key can still be used, as well as a smart lock. 

As with any new form of technology, there are pros and cons of switching your traditional locks to smart locks. If you’re comfortable with using a smartphone, smart locks can be quite convenient and easy to use. If you already use a hub at home like an Apple TV, you can connect your smart lock with your system; make sure before buying that your smart lock is compatible with your hub. 

If you’ve forgotten your smartphone and need to gain entry into your home or office, there are several solutions like power backups and geofencing. However, a traditional lock system may be the safest bet if this happens regularly. 

Ultimately, switching to smart locks or sticking with a traditional lock system is up to you and what you prefer. Since the invention of traditional locks over a thousand years ago, traditional locks have proven to be effective. The technology of smart locks is just beginning and still evolving, but shows a lot of promise. It’s up to you! 

With technology always changing, locking and security options are endless. For all of your locksmith needs in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, give us a call at A1 Lock and Safe.