We would not be your Durham Locksmiths without some secrecy in our business. We deal with locks, keys, safes, and other lock and safe equipment, because some elements in life are meant to be a secret! Today, we are unleashing some of our secret tools to give you a greater understanding of how we do what we do. To begin with, our trained locksmiths are responsible for helping you in the state of an emergency such as being locked out of your car or home, or other property. Day or night, it is the mission of Durham Locksmiths like A1 Lock & Safe to assist! Our services include personal and corporate rekeying, key duplication, safes, vehicle locksmithing, and more! Keeping up with the trade is not always as easy as you may think.

Like any industry, locksmithing changes with time. It grows and expands, which is why we are always seeking to meet the industry’s demands. A lot of that growth has to deal with home security. Don’t think home security is that important? Here is a story for you! One day a college student steps out of his apartment when his next door neighbor says, “hey, I can’t find my keys…mind if I try yours?” It is a strange question, but the student hands over his keys. What do you know? The apartment complex installed the exact same lock on their doors. They can get into each other’s apartments with each other’s keys, no problem! 

We are guessing the apartment complex wanted that to remain a secret…

Yes, we wish we were making this up. Really, we do! The reality is, however, that you cannot trust everyone to care about your home security as much as you do. If you want to be safe rather than sorry, always ensure that your home is locked appropriately with Durham Locksmiths! Knowing there are Durham Locksmiths you can trust goes a long way! Let our professionals show you the tools we use! 

Tools of the Trade 

1. Micro-Lathes: a small tool used for the complex shaping of metal

2. Drills: Durham Locksmiths might use these power tools go through locks. 

3. Grinders: We are not referring to anything mouth related. We are talking about the grinders that grind keys. 

Of course there are plenty more tools where these came from, but at least now you know some of the advanced equipment we use to do our jobs right! 

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