A-1 Lock and Safe are locksmiths in Durham, NC and Chapel Hill, NC. We offer car, residential, and commercial locksmith services. We also sell new and used safes. We are locally and family owned, and we would appreciate nothing more than being your first choice for your locksmith and safe needs.

Have you ever locked yourself out of your car? Many of us have, and we know that it can be a stressful and frustrating situation. Luckily, at A-1 Lock and Safe, we offer 24-hour roadside emergency assistance to help you out when this happens. We will meet you wherever you are in the area and get you back on the ground running in no time.

The biggest piece of advice when you lock yourself out of your car is to not panic. If you have your phone on you, call a locksmith immediately. If your phone is locked in your car, either flag someone down and ask to use their phone, or walk to a local business or gas station and ask to use theirs.

If you have a child or pet in the car when this happens, don’t leave the car unattended. Also, resist the urge to break a window; this leads to more damage to your car as well as potential harm to you or your passengers. The only time that you should break the window is if there is extreme weather making it unsafe for the passenger in the car, or if the passenger seems to be in extreme distress and needs immediate attention. If this is the case, break a window farthest from the passenger.

Once you’ve contacted a locksmith, the best thing you can do is simply wait. With our roadside emergency service, we are there to help you no matter the day or time. Once you contact us, we can unlock your car in no time and have you back on the road like nothing happened.

For all of your locksmith needs in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, contact us at A-1 Lock and Safe.