As locksmiths serving Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NC, and surrounding areas, we’re particularly proud of how far locks have come over the years. From pin based locks in ancient Mesopotamia to the safes we install, it’s been an amazing journey. Celebrate with us with this brief history of locks via Gizmodo’s informative take on locksmithing.

How Locks Got Started

The earliest locking mechanisms known were found in the mid-19th century in modern day Iraq. This pin based rudimentary key and lock system dates back to 4000 B.C., when the area would have been the Mesopotamian kingdom of Assyria. The Ancient Egyptians expanded on this pin lock system and popularized it in their architecture. This spread to Greece and eventually Ancient Rome, where Romans helped create smaller locks for drawers, perhaps the original safe.

When Locksmiths Came Into the Picture

Locks became more sophisticated with keys like you would see used in ancient castles. Because these locks were more intricate, the trade of locksmithing emerged. Craftmen started being trained in creating intricate locks and keys to protect the treasures of lords, ladies, and even kings and queens.

How The Industrial Revolution Changed It All

In 1778, Robert Barron patented a double-acting lever tumbler lock. In ancient tumbler lock, it disengaged when all of the pins were lifted. This new lock had two to four separate levers to be lifted to specific, different heights. He called his invention,

“a lock far more secure than any hitherto made.”

This led to more advancements with locks over the years to create even more unbreakable locks to protect possessions.

Finally, the Locks We See Today

Now locks are more modern than ever. Beyond levers and tumblers, there’s even locks now that you can unlock with your face. Locks have come a long way and they definitely will be improving more and more every year. That’s why you want dedicated Durham based locksmiths on your side to keep you up to date.

Excited About Locks?

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