You may not think you need a safe until the moment you do. The same goes for spare house or office keys, a car locksmith, or general services that our Durham locksmiths provide at A1 Lock and Safe. As your A1 team in Durham, NC for Durham locksmithing, we want to keep you informed about the importance of playing it safe. In our case, we literally want you to be made aware of the protection and security a home or office safe can provide. Because there are many different kinds of safes, and because each of them services a certain purpose – we want to first review the details and characteristics of each style. Whatever you want to put in your safe, make sure you play it safe. Or, if you are debating whether or not certain items should be stored in safe – then visit our Durham locksmiths at A1 lock and Safe to at least know what your options are in the future. 

When it comes to any locksmithing service, our Durham locksmiths act as fast and friendly caretakers of your needs.

You can be locked out, in need of hotel keys for your new management position, or even in the market for a safe. If it is the latter, be sure to check out the “Play It Safe” Guide below: 

  • Deposit of Drop Safes: these are useful for small businesses like gas stations or local shops for storing cash deposits for the next day’s manager. 
  • Fire-Rated safes: these are useful for homes or businesses that could face fire damage. In the event of a fire, everything of vital importance to the family or business can be stored safely in a fire-proof box. 
  • Office Safes: these are useful for offices in places like campuses or nursing offices. Personnel information, security numbers, and so on can be stored to these safes which are very hard to move. 

For more information about the safes our Durham Locksmiths provide to customers, please be sure to visit A1 Lock & Safe. 

Play It Safe Today!