Were you in the mood this February? Were you so in the mood that you wanted to give a copy of your house or apartment key to your love muffin, but could not do it because you could not find Durham locksmiths? if that was – and still is – the case, contact your Durham, NC locksmiths at A1 Lock and Safe for your key copy today. We specialize in key duplications for both residential and commercial customers in Durham, NC? Why stop at one copy? You can get extra keys and store them in a protected and safe place near your home in case you and your loved ones are ever locked out? Want key copies for your business partner to get into their office? Key copies for your building staff and employees? Key copies for your cats? You can get as many as you want or need at A1 Lock and Safe where our locks are made with all the time, patience, and care that we can muster. 

Duplicate keys also come in handy for visiting relatives who want to gain access to your home when you are away, rooms you rent, or something else that requires them. Moreover, you can get your duplicate keys in his or her favorite colors or themes for an added touch to your locks of love. One way to further express your affection and really lock them down is to surely give them the key to your kingdom. Tell our Durham locksmiths what locksmithing services in Durham, NC you need and our kind and friendly team will be there to assist you promptly and professionally. 

Have Your Locks of Love Made at A1 Lock & Safe Today!