There are families in Durham, NC who have had their homes broken into 5 of 7 times. So it seems, no matter where you are in the area – if a burglar finds a way to break into your home, they will find a way to do it again. And again…and again. One of your safest bets for feeling at home again is changing the locks. If you have permission from your landlord or apartment complex, see about having the maintenance team come change them for you.  Town homes, foreclosures, apartments, houses, and offices are all susceptible targets of theft.

These are also the places your Durham locksmiths can secure with our residential and commercial locksmithing services. We also offer rekeying and duplicate keys for your locksmithing needs in Durham, NC. Let us say your home has been broken into recently. It is quite a shame, because it is the holidays. Who would think to commit such a crime? For some people, it is a complete stranger. It is a person who figured out your work hours and decided to make a move. Other times it is an acquaintance you had over for a Christmas party. They came with a close friend of yours, and therefore they were someone you assumed you could trust.

Our customers have seen it all when it comes to a need to change their locks. Though additional measures can be taken, such as installing security camera and lights, changing their locks makes them feel a bit more secure. If you own a home in Durham, NC – consider having your locks changed after big holidays like Christmas – especially if you have lots of people in your home. Businesses and offices under new management? You may want to have your locks changed, too. Hotels and dorm rooms? Any place with a lock deserves a change in locks every now and then.

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