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One way to feel safer in your own home is to ensure that your locks are secure. So, how secure is your traditional lock? This is a tough question to answer but an important one. There are a few considerations when answering this question, including where the lock is placed, the frequency of lock use, and whether the lock is meant to function alone.

There are numerous types of locks that homeowners use, so the difference in security these locks provide varies drastically. For example, many people choose to secure their homes with deadbolt locks, but deadbolts only provide maximum security if they are used correctly. If you choose to secure your home by using deadlocks on the exterior of your house, it’s important to understand the different strength grades of different types of deadbolts. 

You can also add on things like solid metal strike plats and longer deadbolt throws to enhance your security. Additionally, there are certain locks that are nearly impossible to be picked or bumped. Also, security pins can be added within the cylinder of the lock to ensure extra security.

The placement of your locks is important to consider. If a lock is made to be used on the exterior of your home, then the lock will be most effective if it is installed on exterior doors. Even though those types of locks will work fine for interior doors, like on closet, bedroom, or bathroom doors, you wouldn’t need a strong deadbolt inside your home like you would outside. The frequency of use of a lock is also necessary to think about. If a lock will be used often, that will influence the grade of the lock you should install.

If used the correct way, traditional locks are generally secure. If you have locks installed with the security of your home in mind, your home will be safer that way. It is also highly recommended to talk with a professional specializing in locks and security, so that you can ensure the safety of your home.

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