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When it comes to high-security door locks, it is important to know which types are worth considering. Many locks will advertise that they are high-security, but it is essential that you know the difference in protection between all kinds of locks. There are many traits that play into how secure a lock is, and if you can find a lock system that has several of the following characteristics, you should be able to count on the security they will provide.

Lock cylinder complexity: the more complex a door lock cylinder is, the less chance of someone being able to make a bump key device and therefore pick your lock.

Metal content: the type and amount of metal that makes up a lock will determine how hardy the lock is. You can usually tell the metal content of a lock by holding the lock in your hand. The heavier the lock, the more secure it will be.

Bolt strength: the bolt of your deadbolt needs to be able to withstand a lot of force. High-security locks will have hardened steel bolts that withstand attacks against the door: physical attacks and cutting attacks.

Drill protection: a high-security lock may also have some kind of anti-drill precaution. Areas like set screws and the shear line can be protected with hardened steel ball-bearings, which will help the lock from being drilled through. Sometimes there are anti-drill plates that rotate to protect the lock as well.

Key control: some high-security locks have patented keyways, which means someone won’t be able to copy your key without you knowing and get into your home. You will still need to know the proper way to hide your spare keys, but there are ways around getting patented key blanks and ways to cut them.

Bypass resistance: some of the most secure locks can still be bypassed with certain additions to the locks. Some seemingly high-security locks can still have bypasses, therefore only providing the illusion of security. Bypasses are simple methods of entry. Make sure that you look up the lock you’re considering to install and whether it has a bypass.

High-security locks can be an effective safety precaution to take in your home or business, but make sure to consider all of the factors mentioned above when looking to purchase locks.