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Unfortunately, even with security measures in place, break-ins in sometimes happen. That means that you don’t want to leave valuable items like jewelry and money sitting out in the open for burglars to easy see and take. You also don’t want to use the go-to hiding spots like the freezer or your sock drawer, because these are sure to be some of the first places that a burglar looks. Instead, get creative with your hiding spots for your valuables, and you can help to guarantee that those valuable items will still be there even after the burglar leaves.

  • One clever place to hide your valuables is your pillows. Unzip your pillows and stash from cash in there for safe keeping.
  • You can also store cash in a family photo album. This is surely one of the last places that a burglar will think to look.
  • You can also hide your valuables like cash and jewelry in everyday objects that burglars will easily overlook, such as a box of feminine hygiene products, a tissue box, or inside your child’s stuffed animal.
  • Closets are one of the first places that burglars look for hidden valuables. However, they rarely take the time to search through the pockets of your clothing. So stash smaller valuables in the pocket of a dress shirt or a pair of jeans.

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