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While most people keep the majority of their money in the bank, many still keep some cash on hand in case of an emergency. You obviously don’t want to walk around with all this money in your wallet on a daily basis where you could lose it or it could get stolen. So, where can you safely store it in the home?

One option for keeping money safe in the home is to purchase a safe. If you have a safe that can be easily picked up and transported, we recommend that you hide this out of plain sight for an added layer of security. Otherwise, we suggest a heavy safe bolted to the floor to prevent thieves from picking it up and taking it with them.

We offer a variety of new and used safes that can protect your valuables from burglars and fire damage.

You don’t have a safe to store your cash, you want to avoid obvious hiding places like under your mattress or in a sock drawer. Instead, get more creative with your hiding spot, like folded up in a flashlight or taped under a kitchen drawer.

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