Do not let a vehicle lockout get the best of your Spring time get away and escapes in 2016. Do not let your safety get in the way either! With Durham locksmiths and advanced security on your side, you can the most out of May 2016. Now, more than ever before is a great time to learn more about locking down on your safety routine. If you are need of key duplication, rekeying, or actual safes for your belongings, then make sure you contact Durham locksmiths at A1 Lock and Safe. We suggest you invest in security such as spare keys and safes, and even cameras for a few reasons. As our Durham locksmiths know in the locksmith industry and area, there is more to threats to your home or business than just theft.

Fires: a lot of us tend to ignore the usual fire siren as it fades in and out of the distance around us. If it is not coming to our location, then what is the point of worrying about it? Well, the truth is you never know when you will need to stop, drop, and roll out of a situation. If it is a vehicle lockout situation, call a locksmith in Durham, NC at A1 Lock & Safe.

Floods: last week there was hail. What will it be this week? Your safety matters during floods, too, and no one can guess how much those will impact your location either. With proper equipment installed, you could detect what watery event is coming.

Thefts: for your peace of mind, make sure keep at least one spare key around your business or home. That is, keep a spare key to your vehicle and your house nearby. That way, you can always get in and out of a bad situation – including a lock in or lock out.

Fires can happen any time. Floods are less likely, but they occur, too. Though Spring 2016 may see less thefts, make sure you know who owns what keys and who has what access to your property.

Get the Most Out of May. Call A1 Lock & Safe Today!