There is no simpler way to put it. When you invite Durham Locksmiths to help you into your property, whether it be into your car or home or office, you are letting a complete stranger into your space. You might assume they will never return to your property, especially to steal. However, there are sneaky individuals in the world who use locksmithing to get your money or your valuable possessions. With the Durham Locksmiths you find at A1 Lock & Safe, criminals are the least of your concerns. We are a trusted, family owned and operated business that cares about your safety more than anything else. Available to serve you 24/7, we are your local experts and professionals in the Durham locksmiths industry. 

How to Check Your Durham Locksmiths 

1. Check Online. We use the internet for everything else. Why not use it to check the credibility of the person we are about to let into our home or office. Read reviews, check the address on Google Maps, and learn everything you can about the Durham Locksmiths company if you have time. 

2. Check Their Vehicle. If their vehicle does not have the business name displayed, you might want to question their credibility. The company name should be visible to you. A1 Lock & Safe has service vans that will come to you anytime you need them. 

3. Check Your Quote. If the number you are given over the phone is different from the number you get when they arrive, rethink letting them into your home, car, or office. Do not give them cash or any other payment upfront. 

With the various options you have when it comes to choosing your Durham locksmiths, how do you know you have found ones you can trust? We gathered research from locksmiths who probably know all there is to know about fraudulent locksmiths. Located in Buffalo, New York, here is what you can learn about choosing a trustworthy locksmith from Mark Mitchell.