Frequently Asked Questions for Durham Locksmiths!

Your questions about locksmiths answered. 

Q: I found a lock for $10. Yours is $35. What is the difference between mine and yours? 

A: Durham locksmiths have access to the best locks, keys, and locksmith tools around. In other words, the quality is what makes a difference. 

Q: I have a skeleton or bit style key that I want to copy. Can Durham locksmiths, A1 Lock & Safe, duplicate it for me?

A: In most cases, yes they can. However, you will want to be cautious of securing your house with just these keys. 

Q: I have 9 keys to my house. Can you make the locks work with the same key? 

A: Generally yes, we can. Call or visit your Durham Locksmiths at A1 Lock & Safe to learn more. 

Q: My car key fits and turns, but the car will not start. Is something wrong with my key? 

A: In most cases, keys have a chip inside them that must connect with a chip inside the car’s computer. To see if we can help, call or visit A1 Lock & Safe today.

Q: What is lock bumping? 

A: Lock bumping refers to a technique that criminals use to break into your home or office. In involves shaping a key that fits into your lock and then knocking the lock with an outside force that, in most cases, lets them enter your property.  

Q: Where can I get a lock pick set? 

A: When you are locked out of your house or car or office, you begin to wonder if you should invest in your own lock picking set. However, only Durham locksmith professionals are allowed to have these. You may have to prove that you are part of a locksmith company in order to have your own lock picking set. 

Have more questions about Durham Locksmiths for Durham Locksmiths? Call or visit your local A1 Lock & Safe in Durham, NC for more information!