We have all been there. We have all pressed our faces to window of our locked vehicles to see our keys sitting in the passenger’s seat. Perhaps they still dangle from the ignition. Perhaps they are in the back window. Or the trunk. No matter how we locked ourselves out, we have all been there. We might have sworn it would not happen again. We might have reminded ourselves to make a spare key, but then forgot about it. Even so, we test every handle to see if the car is indeed unlocked, but it is. It seems the bad outweighs the good in these situations, which makes it easy take actions that may literally get you no where. Our good news at A1 Lock & Safe, is that our Durham Locksmiths offer 24 hour roadside emergency assistance. We will meet you wherever you are in the area and get you back on the ground running in no time. 

When the time comes that you are locked out of your vehicle, consider these dos and don’ts: 

Do not panic in any way. 

+ Do call A1 Lock & Safe! 

Do not break your window in, tempting as it is.  

+ Do look for Durham Locksmiths! 

Do not remain stranded. 

+ Do wait for A1 Lock & Safe to respond to your call. 


With A1 Lock & Safe, you are guaranteed experienced and friendly Durham locksmiths. They want you back in your vehicle as much as you do, which is why they handle these cases with ease. If you lock yourself out all over again, they will prop your door back open for you and still for a reasonable price. Now you know the dos and don’ts of vehicle lock outs, you know to rely on none other than the best Durham Locksmiths around—A1 Lock & Safe!  Visit us today!