We know you are keeping a busy schedule for holiday season 2015. We know you have a lot ahead of you and a lot you want to do. Between heading home for the holidays and grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and soon Christmas dinner, our Durham locksmiths want you to know that the unfortunate could happen. It is almost worst than the fact that someone burned the turkey. It is the fact that you locked yourself out of your car or the house. If you are lucky during the event, then you did not travel alone. You brought someone along with you and they let you back into your vehicle or house, no problem. If you are not so lucky, you ventured out alone and you are locked out. Talk about having a handful. You might think you are out of luck, but you are not! Our Durham locksmiths are in your vicinity, waiting to assist you.

With top locksmith services to help with lockouts like car locksmithing in Durham, NC and commercial key services – we are your one stop destination for all your lock and safe needs.

It is literally in our name, because it is exactly what we do. With our key duplication services, you can be prepared for lockouts whenever they happen by have key copies ready and hidden for your future needs. Want to hide the Black Friday items that do not need to be found until Christmas Day? Another of our services is safe sales. You can find the perfect safe to store your valuables with A1 Lock & Safe. Residential and commercial customers alike depend on us to be their full service locksmith company. We know accidents happen all day and every day, which is why we can assist you 24/7. Worried about our team? We are known to provide the best Durham locksmithing in the area for a reason.

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