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From HomeToys.com, here’s their helpful guide on the best home safes for the upcoming year:

There are many reasons to consider buying a home safe this year. It can add another level of security to your home to protect your valuables. In the unfortunate event that someone breaks into your home, having a home safe could be the difference in keeping important documents, jewelry, and money out of the hands of home invaders. Not all home safes are created equal or offer the same features. Some safes are more compact or portable. Others allow you to store extra-large items. Other home safes protect valuables against flooding and fire. Storage capacity varies between home safes. So do lock types, with combination locks, keypads, and even fingerprint technology available.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Home Safe

Not all home safes are built the same or offer the same features. The right safe for you will depend on your specific security needs. Here are some factors to consider when picking out a home safe.  

Locking Style

Home safes these days offer a variety of locking styles. Some still operate with a simple combination lock. Most safes have keys, although sometimes this is a backup option. Many safe companies have moved to newer technologies like digital keypads, biometric fingerprint scanning, or a combination of different locking styles. 

There’s no right or wrong option, but make sure it has a backup option in case the batteries die, or you forget your passcode. 


As you can see from our list below, home safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Think about where you plan to keep your safe, whether it needs to be portable, if you plan to mount it or not, and its storage capacity. Weights also vary, so make sure to keep that in mind when choosing your home safe. 

Safety features

The main reason to get a home safe is for protection, whether it’s from the threat of theft or to keep kids out. Some home safes offer multiple levels of security, while others are more basic. If you want to protect important documents or valuables from the elements, opt for a home safe that’s both waterproof and fire-resistant.

Other home safes offer extra protection through live-locking bars, pry-resistant frames and hinges, and other safety features. 


Cost is another factor that goes into picking the right home safe. It’s hard to put a price tag on security and peace of mind. Home safes vary in price considerably. Compare prices and features on home safes and come up with a budget that makes sense for you. If your security needs aren’t too extensive, you can find a home safe at a reasonable price.