Misplacing your key right as you return from a short vacation or from a long Fall shopping spree with friends can be awkward at best. It does not always occur when you lose your house key. It can also be your car key. Either way, you find yourself alone in a parking lot or staring through your kitchen window. You ask the repeating question, “why?” Why? Why????  Well, as your Durham locksmiths, we can get back inside your property with no problem! When your key has been lost of stolen, it helps to have your Durham Locksmiths make you duplicate keys.

Still not sure you want duplicates lying around?

Here are 3 Reasons Durham Locksmiths Want You to Reconsider: 

1. Imagine you are in one of the scenarios above. Would not be nice to say, “Oh, wait, I have another key!” You laugh it off. You find your duplicate key. Life goes on as usual. The point is that it is inconvenient not to duplicate your keys. 

2. Ok. Now imagine you are in another scenario, a far more serious one. You are locked out of your house and your kids really need to use the bathroom, or worse, you are locked out of your home or car in the middle of a police chase. But wait, you cannot find your key! In addition to the inconvenience of not having duplicate keys, you need them in emergency situations like these. After all, you just never know when an emergency is going to happen. 

3. Sometimes in life the objects and tools we use often stop working out of no where. One minute they are fine and the next they are not. When the object happens to be your house key or car key, choose Durham Locksmiths to see you through the process of getting key duplicates

When you choose to let Durham locksmithes, A1 Lock & Safe, make your keys, we hope you will keep in mind the following: 

  • Not everyone needs a duplicate key. The more you have, the more you have to keep track of and the less security you actually have. 
  • Only certified Durham locksmiths should make your keys. 
  • Related to our first point, educate everyone with a key on securing, monitoring, and hiding their keys. 

Get the Benefits of Duplicating Your Keys with Durham Locksmiths, A1 Lock & Safe!