As locksmiths serving Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NC, and surrounding areas, we see a variety of different locking problems every day. The biggest problem we see is having ill maintained locks or not having the right kind. People call us wanting to be secure and not wanting a home burglary to ever happen to them again.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program,

“In 2010, there were an estimated 2,159,878 burglaries—a decrease of 2.0 percent when compared with 2009 data”

In addition, the victims suffered an overall average dollar loss per burglary offense of $2,119. What could that kind of money buy for your home and your future? An easy way to prevent burglaries like this is to keep your home well secured with quality locks. With that in mind, here are 3 kinds of locks to secure your home this fall.

1. Make Sure You Have Some Deadbolts

At a bare minimum, everyone needs a deadbolt lock on their doors. They provide the most security on residential doors because these locks do not contain springs. There are two types of deadbolts that we use as durham locksmiths:

  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolt– operated with a key from the outside and with a turn button on the inside
  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolt– operated with a key on both the inside and outside.

A word of warning though: double-cylinder deadbolts can be dangerous during an emergency if the key is missing or not easily available.

2. Try Entry Lockset

These are better for a medium level security. Locksets and handlesets locks are often combined with a deadbolt. They have two doorknobs that can be locked from both the inside and the outside. This is how it works: one doorknob locks from the inside by turning or depressing a small button, while a key must unlock the outside knob. A handleset features a decorative door handle on the exterior, which is always nice.

3. Go High Tech with Keyless

While they may not be right for every home, for maximum security, go for a high tech keyless door.  Keyless locks can be used to replace  standard deadbolts on exterior doors. You can also use an anti-theft rolling code feature ensures the same code is never used twice, and certain models sound an alarm after the incorrect code is entered more than three consecutive times. Also, some systems you can buy are compatible with garage door openers or home security systems.

Need More Protection?

Most importantly, the quality of a door lock does not matter if the door is not locked. Sometimes people forget to lock a deadbolt when leaving, but it is also important to remember to lock your doors when you’™re at home. Any intruder would prefer to enter a home through unlocked entry points. Additionally, doors and their hardware occasionally need maintenance, because a poorly maintained door makes it easier for a burglar to enter your house.

For any help with the locks on your home and selecting new ones, be sure to contact our experts to help you on your way. Our Durham locksmiths are equipped to help residential properties, commercial buildings, and vehicles. We are available 24 hours a day and are proud to help you stay safe this spring.