To all of your friends and a few strangers that happen to witness your behavior, you are paranoid or weird. Durham Locksmiths understand, however. We know the signs you have been locked out so many times in your life that you have lost count. First, it was your car. Then it was your house. Then it was your car again. We are guessing you are the kinds of person who is always busy, or aways seems busy because you are always moving. You think of what needs to get done way in advance, because that is how you forget the little things in the present. Then on some warm summer day, your being locked out reminds you of them. It is the day you remember your mental reminder to make a duplicate key. It is the day you recall that other time you were locked out. Well, here are 5 signs most people who have been locked out are prone to do. 

1. You Jingle/Stare at Your Keys Every Time You Lock Your Door. The gesture lets you know that you are in control. You have to know that you are keys are on you. If it means jingling them in your purse or pocket for at least 2 seconds, you do it. If it means staring at them as if you have never seen them before, you do it. You will do whatever it takes to guarantee they are exactly where they need to be, which is with you and not inside your vehicle or house. If they are there, you can keep moving. If they are not, you might want to Call Your Durham locksmiths at A1 Lock & Safe. 

2. You Look For Your Keys, Even When They Are In Your Hand. You have been locked out so many times that you shows signs of insecurities. You cannot help it. When you have been locked out enough, your mind forgets about objects like keys in your hand because it is remembering the many times they have not been there. You know the person that loses their phone under the pillow every morning? Or the person who leaves their coffee on the hood of their car? Well, the people who look for their keys, even when they are in their hands, are no different. 

3. You Keep A Duplicate Key Outside Your Car/House. If you are a pro, you have already called A1 Lock & Safe for their key duplication services. You already have a spare key under the fake rock or the planter. You are so beyond vehicle lockouts and house lockouts, that you have a few spare keys and their duplicate copies. Your friendly neighbor? Your kids? Your dog? Everyone has access to a key, because there have been way too many times that you did not. 

As Durham Locksmiths, we are happy to help you – even if we have helped you many times in the past. 

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