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When it comes to locks, most people think about door locks and don’t consider the importance of locks for their windows. In fact, many home invaders use windows as a point of entry. Not only are window locks important for keeping potential burglars out of your home, they are also important for helping to keep children and pets safely in your home.

According to Feldco, there are a number of window locks available, with the most common being the window latch. This type of lock is found on the window sash and locks the two parts of typical windows to prevent the window from opening. For extra security, you can also add keyed locks to your window, which require a key to unlock the window.

If you have small children in your home, installing child safety locks are a good idea. Similar to child safety locks for your car windows, this type of latch allows your window to only be able to open to a small degree. This means, you can open the window for some fresh air, but it won’t open enough for anyone to fall out by accident.

To ensure your safety, be sure that your window locks are functioning and that you use them. With these locks and quality door locks, you can rest easy that you’ve taken some smart steps towards your home’s security.

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