The Benefits of Deadbolt Locks ǀ Locksmiths Chapel Hill, NC

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As expert locksmiths, we know that deadbolt locks have many advantages. So, here are a few of the benefits of this type of lock:

  • Deadbolt locks are more secure than standard locks, thus making it much harder for potential burglars to break into your home.
  • Standard locks work on a spring mechanism, so they can be opened with a crowbar or even a knife. This is nearly impossible, if at all possible, to do with deadbolt locks.
  • Because deadbolt locks typically require a key to lock and unlock, it is much more difficult for you to accidentally lock yourself out of your home with a deadbolt lock as opposed to a standard lock.
  • There are also keyless deadbolt locks available that allow you to unlock your home with a thumbprint scan or a passcode. Just be sure not to forget your code to get in!

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