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With the holidays just around the corner, ’tis the season for celebration, gatherings, good food, and gift giving. Unfortunately, this time of year is also the peak season for home burglaries. So, here are some tips from realtor.com to protect your home from burglaries this holiday season:

  • Whether you are leaving your home for a few short hours or going on a trip, make sure that your home is secure while you are away. This means locking all doors and windows, programming lights to turn on at night, having someone pick up your mail, and parking a car in your driveway. If you know your neighbors, it’s also a good idea to let them know when you will be away so they can keep an eye on your home for you.
  • Thieves often steal right from your front porch these days without even entering your home. If you know you are going to be away, schedule to have any packages shipped to the store or have a friend or neighbor come by to get them. Also, if you are home, be sure to not leave any packages sitting out on your porch for too long.
  • Don’t post everything on social media. Whether you are going on vacation, enjoying your new smart TV, or attending a party out of town, not everyone needs to know about it.
  • Invest in home security. If your locks needs replacing, call us immediately to have this done. Aside from locks, it’s also a great idea to invest in a home security system for extra protection.

For all of your lock and safe needs this holiday season, contact us at A-1 Lock and Safe in Durham, NC, where your safety is our first priority.