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We have all been locked out of our house or car at some time or another. That’s why it’s important to have a spare key hidden somewhere. However, you don’t want to hide your spare key in an obvious place, like under the mat or in a flower pot, because that just invites burglars to enter your home without even having to break in. So, here are some more creative solutions for hiding your spare keys:

  • If you have a birdhouse in your yard, you can hide a spare key inside the bird house or even tape it under the bird house.
  • You can create fake sprinklers, faucets, or drain caps in your yard to hide your spare keys. Do this by buying the part from a store and then gluing it on top of an empty pill bottle. You can then place the key inside the pill bottle and bury it in your yard.
  • You can find a loose spot under your vinyl siding, and tape a key there. Although, make sure that it’s not obvious that there’s a gap in the vinyl siding where you hide the key.
  • If you are friendly with your neighbors, it’s always a great idea to give them a spare key to keep for you; that way, they can let you in if you ever lock yourself out, or they can access your home in case of an emergency.

For more ideas about where to hide your spare keys, visit Cleverly and CNET’s articles on the topic.

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