Spring into Action | Durham Locksmiths

Our Durham, NC locksmith services feature some of the best, affordable options for your purchase of 24/7 emergency lockout service, duplicate keys, car locksmithing, rekeying, and more for all of Durham’s residents and business workers. If you are in need of our Durham locksmiths, we will hop in our service vans and come to your rescue.

After all, it is hard to spring forward when your keys are sitting in the passenger’s seat in a locked jeep. As you go about enjoying the warmer weather, be sure to plan ahead for any circumstance. Our Durham locksmiths, for instance, encourage you to make duplicate keys and hide them around your home or office in the event of a lockout.

Do you own a hotel in Durham, NC? With Spring Break on the horizon you might need to upgrade your locks and key entries for all the people stopping through Durham. Before and after new management takes place is another great time to update your locks and keys. Our Durham locksmiths offer keypad access and entry locking solutions, and your regular lock and key features for residential and commercial customers.

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Why Buy a Safe | Durham Locksmiths

Up until the day you realize that you need to buy some form of protection for your identity, you do not take actions to, well, protect your identity. Whether it is your bank card number(s), your social security card number, or some other kind of self-identifying number, you have a reason and a right to protect your identity and your information about your identify. Thankfully, our Durham locksmiths specialize in locksmithing products and services like the sale and installment of safes for both residential and commercial and corporate customers. Not sure that your identity is worth stealing? Let our locksmith agents at A1 Lock and Safe tell you, it is.


Identify theft remains a leading problem nowadays. Though technology is changing, and attempting to improve, there are still malware and thieves who know just what kind of information to look for. Just today, Apple had to shut down a malware that could encrypt the data of their Mac computers so that hackers could stop demanding payment from people. Identity theft can be your Child ID, your Tax ID, your Medical ID, your Senior ID, or your Social ID, which are all examples of information and paperwork that you could file safely away in your lock or safe.


What else can you do to prevent identity theft? Besides investing in a safe from A1 Lock & Safe, our Durham locksmiths want you to know that you can:


  • Protect your social security number

  • Don’t respond to people who request your personal information

  • Watch your back when typing passwords on computers and ATMs

  • Collect mail right away

  • Pay attention to your bills

  • Shred receipts, credit offers, account statements, and expired cards

  • Store personal identifying information in a safe place at home and at work


Need another reason to buy a safe?


A1 Lock & Safe has you covered. Buy Your Safe Today.

Why Choose A1 Lock & Safe | Durham Locksmiths

There is a difference between the locksmith that does not enjoy his job, and the one that does. We are not saying we appreciate your situation, because being locked out of your house or car is as stressful as knowing that allergy season is here. Rather, we are suggesting that whenever you do end up in a situation where you need Durham locksmiths, A1 Lock and Safe are the people to call. Because we are family owned and operated, we work as an effective unit to get you the locksmithing service and products you need in Durham, NC. Do you need duplicate keys? Rekeying? New locks? Whatever your residential or commercial locksmithing needs, rely on our family to take care of you.

In addition to being a family, our Durham locksmiths know Durham, NC:

If you say you are locked out of your car at the Barnes & Noble at Southpoint Mall, we know where to find you. If you tell us your house is located off Guess Road, we know where to find you (in fact, you would be right down the street from us). Beyond knowing our way around Durham, NC, we know how many residents and businesses come through the area. As Durham, NC continues to grow, we want to be Durham’s #1 locksmiths. Whether you are looking at keys for your Sheraton hotel, or your Super 8 motel, our locksmiths know what to do. We know what kind of locks and safes a business needs to do their job most effectively.

Worried about the cost of getting the locks and safes you need? Do not be! We are competitively priced and we still offer some of the best quality locksmithing in Durham, NC service a person can find.

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What to Do in a Break In | Durham Locksmiths

Until your home or office has been robbed, you may not think it is necessary to protect yourself. Our Durham locksmiths, however, know better than to leave any kind of property of yours unprotected. Now that it is getting warmer outside, your space could be even more vulnerable to thieves and crooks who have nothing better to do on their Spring Break. If you want to help prevent theft, there are steps you can take during a break in and even beforehand to help the good guys catch the bad guys. Thankfully, A1 Lock and Safe specializes in changing locks, making duplicate keys, and more for your safety. If you so much as suspect that someone could break into your home or office, because your locks are faulty – let our Durham locksmiths know and we will replace your keys and locks for an affordable price. After all, deciding what is best for you, your loved ones, or your customers does not have to cost you or your business an arm and a leg.

Are You Afraid of Being Robbed? Here is What Our Durham Locksmiths Want You to Know. During a Break in:

  1. Be Calm: it will be the hardest action you have to take that day, but practice all the calming, soothing methods you know. Staying calm could save your life.

  2. Be Cooperative: unless certified to defend yourself, cooperate with the robber. Give them what they want with as little resistance as possible.

  3. Be Collective: from everything they have on, to their accent, to their piercings and tattoos, collect as much information as you can about them to share with the police later on

In our day and age, you can never be too safe about where you are and what you do. If changing your locks with Durham locksmiths would help you feel more safe, be sure to visit A1 Lock & Safe to see how we can help you protect your home. Notably, we sale safes where you can store firearms and your most prized possessions in the event that you are robbed.

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Play it Safe | Durham Locksmiths

You may not think you need a safe until the moment you do. The same goes for spare house or office keys, a car locksmith, or general services that our Durham locksmiths provide at A1 Lock and Safe. As your A1 team in Durham, NC for Durham locksmithing, we want to keep you informed about the importance of playing it safe. In our case, we literally want you to be made aware of the protection and security a home or office safe can provide. Because there are many different kinds of safes, and because each of them services a certain purpose – we want to first review the details and characteristics of each style. Whatever you want to put in your safe, make sure you play it safe. Or, if you are debating whether or not certain items should be stored in safe – then visit our Durham locksmiths at A1 lock and Safe to at least know what your options are in the future. 

When it comes to any locksmithing service, our Durham locksmiths act as fast and friendly caretakers of your needs.

You can be locked out, in need of hotel keys for your new management position, or even in the market for a safe. If it is the latter, be sure to check out the “Play It Safe” Guide below: 

  • Deposit of Drop Safes: these are useful for small businesses like gas stations or local shops for storing cash deposits for the next day’s manager. 
  • Fire-Rated safes: these are useful for homes or businesses that could face fire damage. In the event of a fire, everything of vital importance to the family or business can be stored safely in a fire-proof box. 
  • Office Safes: these are useful for offices in places like campuses or nursing offices. Personnel information, security numbers, and so on can be stored to these safes which are very hard to move. 

For more information about the safes our Durham Locksmiths provide to customers, please be sure to visit A1 Lock & Safe. 

Play It Safe Today! 

Our Appreciation of You | Durham Locksmiths

It is thanks to you, our old and new residential and commercial customers, that we are your ultimate Durham locksmithing destination for rekeying, key duplication, and other locksmithing services. To have been in the business so long, we always want to take time to show our appreciation of customers like you. To the 8-5 business man who is always taking calls when he realizes that he locked himself out of his office, to the family that wanted their locks changed – our Durham locksmiths of North Carolina have you covered. To the lovely couple with a dog that wanted key copies and the teen that is always locked out of the house because his parents do not get off in time, we have you covered, too. 

Do you need Durham Locksmiths? If so, then here is what you need to know about us: 

  • We are family owned and operated 
  • We specialize in car locksmithing 
  • We offer key duplication 
  • We have safes for sale
  • We have both residential and commercial customers

If you are new to Durham, NC and you need emergency locksmithing service, contact A1 Lock and Safe Today! 

We Will Appreciate You, Too. 

Our Love for Locksmithing | Durham Locksmiths

There’s a reason our parents, loved ones, guardians, or other people we look up to tell us to do what we love or to do what makes us happy. When it comes to Durham locksmithing at A1 Lock and Safe, we especially love what we do. And what we do is provide professional and skilled Durham locksmiths to serve our residential and commercial locals. As a family owned and operated business, a lot of love and care goes into making A1 Lock and Safe your leading Durham locksmith team in the area. We are especially pleased to be your #1 destination for Durham locksmithing service and repairs and safe sales! Call us first and we will be honored to help you become part of Durham, NC’s leading locksmithing family. How can you rest assured that we have you protected? Well, we have such an abundant list of services that it is hard not to love what we do! 

At A1 Lock and Safe, your needs for locksmithing come first every time. We understand how stressful and time consuming it can be to wait for a locksmith. That is part of why we are increasing our awareness of the locksmith industry news and expanding our products and services including service road-side vans so that you can always find Durham locksmiths from A1 Lock and Safe near you. Being locked out, need a safe, and everything else that falls under the locksmithing category can happen any time and at any place. So long as the person that comes to assist you loves what they do, however, you are sure to have positive experience. 

We love providing duplicate keys, safes, lockout assistance, and change in locks, and more for residents and businesses in Durham, NC. Keep loving what you do and we will keep loving what we do. 

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Locks of Love | Durham Locksmiths

Were you in the mood this February? Were you so in the mood that you wanted to give a copy of your house or apartment key to your love muffin, but could not do it because you could not find Durham locksmiths? if that was – and still is – the case, contact your Durham, NC locksmiths at A1 Lock and Safe for your key copy today. We specialize in key duplications for both residential and commercial customers in Durham, NC? Why stop at one copy? You can get extra keys and store them in a protected and safe place near your home in case you and your loved ones are ever locked out? Want key copies for your business partner to get into their office? Key copies for your building staff and employees? Key copies for your cats? You can get as many as you want or need at A1 Lock and Safe where our locks are made with all the time, patience, and care that we can muster. 

Duplicate keys also come in handy for visiting relatives who want to gain access to your home when you are away, rooms you rent, or something else that requires them. Moreover, you can get your duplicate keys in his or her favorite colors or themes for an added touch to your locks of love. One way to further express your affection and really lock them down is to surely give them the key to your kingdom. Tell our Durham locksmiths what locksmithing services in Durham, NC you need and our kind and friendly team will be there to assist you promptly and professionally. 

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Ultimate Locksmithing | Durham Locksmiths

Have you ever wondered what kind of training is required to be a locksmith? Chances are you have not, and that is OK. Unless you have been locked out of your vehicle or house or had some other need for Durham locksmiths, what we do may seem irrelevant. Well, in Christmas spirit, our gift to you is your ultimate locksmithing guide. We have gone over the history of locksmithing, but not the knowledge that locksmiths receive long before they arrive to your rescue. Of course, we can not give away all our secrets. There are schools in place for learning our trade. We can, however, let you in on some of the techniques and lessons we learned. 

The Education of Durham Locksmiths Includes How to:

  • Duplicate keys by hand and machine: because you never know when a machine will fail you, it is best to learn the skill of duplicating keys both ways
  • Install, troubleshoot, and service various locks: you also never know what kind of lock a person will have on their car or home, or safe. It is best to be prepared for any of them
  • Open locks without keys: for all individuals who have ever locked themselves out, you know why we learn to be without the key
  • Program an alarm system: safety falls in all categories. If your security system locks you out, call a Durham locksmith to help you get back into your home

A1 Lock & Safe is family owned and operated, which means we are a family of skillful locksmiths who treat our customer’s like family, too. For residential and commercial locksmithing in Durham, NC, we hope you consider our Durham locksmiths. We have car services, rekeying, duplicate keys, safe sales, and more to offer you.  Ask about having your locks fixed for foreclosure properties. We also work with key access for hotels. In any event, let us briefly go over the guide.

Stay Informed with Our Durham Locksmiths at A1 Lock & Safe.  

New Year, New Measures | Durham Locksmiths


If you look at your local news channel, and especially your national one – you may find that crime and terror (respectively) make the top stories. As Durham locksmiths, we are trained and licensed to help you take safety measures for your home, office, or corporate properties. From houses and foreclosures to hotels and business buildings, we know how to look at a building and detect whether or not it is secure enough in the event of crime or danger. Most people, understandably, hire one person to do each job when they get a new home and sometimes a new office. You hire an electrician for the lighting. You hire a security systems company for the security, and so on. Durham locksmiths, however, are not hired right away.

They are more of an afterthought, and usually the thought is after a break-in or burglary. Some people assume they can fix their own locks by going to the nearest home store. Yet the issue is not always the change in locks. If you are putting brand new locks in a crooked or weak door, you may not be better off in the long run. If you need rekeying, key duplication

How to Take New Measures with Durham Locksmiths

If you want to take new measures for your home security, let our Durham locksmiths do what they do best. Let them be there for your vehicle lockouts AND your security measures. Simply because someone in security knows how to install a lock or systems, does not mean they are qualified to secure your home, office, or building with locks and safes, and whatever else it needs in terms of locks and safes. Customers all over Durham, NC and the surrounding areas trust A1 Lock & Safe, because “lock” and “safe” is in our name. We are family owned and operated, which means we take care of you like friends of our family.


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